Wednesday is the story of a girl and boy born on the same day, at the same time, in the same hospital, whose paths cross again years later, in the very same place.

Rob Sorrenti's short film debut 'Wednesday' was executive produced by Oscar-nominated film director Stephen Daldry and supported by Working Title Films. To date ‘Wednesday’ has screened at 50 Film Festivals around the world, won several awards and has signed by Shorts International - the world’s largest short film distributor. The success of ‘Wednesday’ earned Sorrenti a nomination for Channel 4's Young Talent Award for best director.

'Wednesday' was written, directed, and produced by Rob Sorrenti. 

Awards ANd Festivals


Lilya Sinead Matthews
Sam Tom McClane
Nan Ann Emery
Dad David Kennedy

Director Rob Sorrenti
Writer Rob Sorrenti
Exec Producer Stephen Daldry
Producers Hannah Farrell, Rob Sorrenti
Cinematographer Steve Lawes
Editor Leo King
Music Polly Paulusma