writer + director + award winning FilmMAKER

Rob Sorrenti is an award-winning British director, writer and producer.

He is renowned for his critically acclaimed short films and documentaries. Rob’s productions, including work with Oscar-nominated/winning directors Paul Greengrass, Stephen Daldry and Christopher McQuarrie, entrepreneur Richard Branson and actor Tom Cruise have reached millions of people globally.


Rob's short film debut, 'Wednesday' was exec produced by four-time Oscar nominated director, Stephen Daldry, and supported by Working Title Films. To date, the film has been screened at 50 film festivals worldwide, and won a raft of awards. 'Wednesday' earned him a nomination for Channel 4's
Young Talent Award for best director.

Rob's second short film, 'Hollow', has been officially selected for 30 film festivals. The film received three awards at the Oscar accredited Rhode Island International Film Festival (2011), including the much coveted 'Film Maker of the Future' award. 'Hollow' also won Best Short Film at the European Spiritual Film Festival (2012) and the
People's Choice Award at the Aesthetica Short Film Festival (2012).


In 2004 Rob wrote, produced, and directed 'The Real Billy Elliot Diaries' which was broadcast on ITV1 to an audience of two million. ‘The Real Billy Elliot Diaries’ was Rob’s first documentary and first
nationally broadcasted program.

 In 2018 Rob directed the story of the Kodiak Queen, a decorated WWII warship that survived Pearl Harbour, transformed into an artificial reef and dive site by Richard Branson and the Maverick1000 entrepreneurial group. In this haunting film, Academy Award winner Kate Winslet and Rob remind us of the momentous task ahead restoring the British Virgin Islands. 

The Kodiak Queen was shared to a global audience by Richard Branson on social media, as well as being distribution by Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Media. It is currently on the film festival circuit. So far is has won four awards including the Green Planet Award Grand Prize Short at the Rhode Island International Film Festival and Best of Show at the Impact Doc Awards. It has also been officially selected for the Napa Valley Film Festival and the Bahamas International Film Festival. 

 In 2018 Rob created two featurettes for ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout,’ showing Tom Cruise in action behind the scenes. Both went viral in less than a week.


Rob is currently making his first feature 'Angels in the Asylum.'