Mission: Impossible - FALLOUT


Rob created this featurette showing Tom Cruise completing a High Altitude Low Open skydive jump from over 25k feet.         The video went viral is less than a week.

The film was directed and produced by Rob Sorrenti.

Mission: Impossible - FALLOUT

Aerial Chase

Rob created this featurette showing Tom Cruise flying a helicopter through the mountains of New Zealand. The video went viral in less than a week. 

The film was directed and produced by Rob Sorrenti.


On the 6th of September 2017, Hurricane Irma began a four-day path of destruction across the Caribbean and Florida, devastating the lives of thousands of people in its wake. Irma left behind a trail of unimaginable destruction, as Kate Winslet reminds us in Rob Sorrenti’s haunting film which depicts the momentous task ahead restoring the British Virgin Islands.

Voiced by Kate Winslet

The film was directed and produced by Rob Sorrenti

The Kodiak Queen

The ground-breaking transformation of a decorated WWII warship that survived Pearl Harbour, transformed into an artificial reef and dive site. Rob captured Richard Branson and a global network of philanthropists and artists bringing the Kodiak Queen from Tortola to her final resting place on the ocean floor of Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands.

The film was directed and produced by Rob Sorrenti

The Real Billy Elliot Diaries

'The Real Billy Elliot Diaries' tells the story of the three boys chosen to play 'Billy' in Billy Elliot the Musical, from their first audition, culminating in their first live performance with Elton John at the Royal Variety Show.

The documentary was broadcast on ITV1 to an audience of two million. The programme was later screened in various countries around the world.

The film was written, directed and produced by Rob Sorrenti.

ed Miliband a portrait

A personal portrayal of Ed Miliband and his journey to becoming the Labour Party's candidate for Britain's prime minister.  Commissioned by Labour and Oscar-nominated director Paul Greengrass, the documentary launched the party’s 2015 election campaign.

spirit of the olympics

LOCOG and opening ceremony producer Stephen Daldry commissioned this film about the spirit and legacy of the London Olympics. This inspirational, heart warming film shows the effect of Olympians on children and communities around the UK, as they prepare for the start of the games.

The film was written, directed & produced by Rob Sorrenti