A sensitive observation about the nature of addiction. Exploring the idea that love isn’t always enough when it comes to getting clean, and the inevitable sacrifice that comes with sobriety.

'Hollow', has been officially selected for 30 film festivals. The film received three awards at the Oscar accredited Rhode Island International Film Festival (2011), including the much coveted 'Film Maker of the Future' award. 'Hollow' also won Best Short Film at the European Spiritual Film Festival (2012) and the People's Choice Award at the Aesthetica Short Film Festival (2012).

'Hollow' was written, directed, and produced by Rob Sorrenti.



"Unobtrusive directing and very good performances by all the main characters...director Rob Sorrenti has made a highly believable film."

Barry Norman, Film Critic.


"Visually captivating...Rob shows an amazing confidence in his film making ability."

Allison Janney, Seven-Time Emmy Winner.


"Rob's films are beautifully made and exceedingly well directed...clearly, Rob is a director with enormous talent" 

Bruce Rubin, Oscar Winning Screenwriter. 



Alice Morven Christie
Marcus Martin McCann
Angelo Nonso Anozie
Child Welfare Haydn Gwynne

Director Rob Sorrenti
Writers Lee Thomas & Rob Sorrenti
Producers Roopesh Parekh & Rob Sorrenti
Cinematographer David Raedeker
Editor Leo King
Composer Christopher Slaski